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Create a Billing Run

Learn how to manage billing efficiently in Karbon with our guide on creating, viewing, and posting billing runs for streamlined invoicing.

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Billing Runs in Karbon are collections of invoices typically organized for a specific period. They enable users to send or post all invoices simultaneously, streamlining the billing process. While currently, all invoices in Karbon must be part of a billing run, this may become optional in the future. Some firms may not use the concept of billing runs, but it's a useful feature for managing invoices efficiently.

Creating a New Billing Run

  1. From the Billing Run Section:

    • Navigate to the Billing Run section within Billing off of the Main Menu.

    • Alternatively, create a billing run from the modal that appears when creating an invoice from Unbilled.

  2. Setting Up:

    • Name: Enter a unique name for the billing run.

    • Invoice Date: The date will default to the current date, but you can select any date within an open accounting period. All invoices in the billing run will inherit this date, but it can be overridden for individual invoices.

Viewing Billing Runs

When you access the Billing Run section, you'll see three tabs: All, Draft, and Posted.

  • All: Lists all billing runs.

  • Draft: Shows billing runs still in draft status.

  • Posted: Displays billing runs that have been posted.

Each view provides details such as the creation date, status, posting date, the number of invoices, and the total amount due.

Clicking on a billing run shows these details along with the status, creation date, posting date, number of invoices, total amount due, amount awaiting payment, and the amount already paid. If there are hidden invoices, a banner will indicate how many are hidden.

Posting a Billing Run

  1. Permissions: Users need 'send/export' permission, which requires 'Billing Access'. Admins can grant this permission.

  2. Posting:

    • Click 'Post' to send or export invoices. You can only choose one option.

    • If the billing run includes hidden items, a colleague with appropriate access must either post the run or move the hidden invoices.

  3. Confirmation: Once posted, the billing run status changes to 'Posted', and a confirmation banner appears.

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