Xero Practice Manager Integration

Keep your two systems in sync using the Xero Practice Manager integration

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Connecting to Xero Practice Manager

Link the integration and Karbon together by logging into your Xero Practice Manager account. Navigate to your 'Settings' > click 'Connected Apps' and select 'Connect' next to Xero Practice Manager.

You will then be able to connect to your account by logging in.

Configure the integration

Once you're connected to Xero Practice Manager, you will be able to configure aspects of how the integration behaves by selecting 'Edit' to the right of the Contact Sync Settings header.

Contacts created in Xero Practice Manager

  • Sync: Select whether to synchronize Clients only or Clients and Contacts from Xero Practice Manager to Karbon.

  • Assign Contact Type: Select which Contact Type should be assigned to any new Organisation or Person created in Karbon.

Contacts created in Karbon

  • Sync Contact of Type: This controls which contact types in Karbon will be pushed to XPM, leaving all items unselected will stop any updates being pushed to XPM.

Sync your contacts

Once you're connected to your account, click 'Sync Now' found under the Xero Practice Manager section of the Connected Apps to sync your contacts from the integrated app to Karbon.

This will then match your contacts and allow you to see all the contacts that were automatically synced as well as the contacts that are showing as partial matches for you to resolve.

For contacts that get mapped, the following information will be imported into Karbon:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number(s)

  • Physical address

  • Mailing address

A client is matched using the following rules:

  • If there is a name and email match exactly the contact will get automatically matched.

  • If both the name and email don't match then Karbon will create a new contact.

  • If there's a partial match (i.e. email matches, the name doesn't / name matches, email doesn't) then Karbon will show the contact in the partial matches resolution screen - allowing you to pick the right match or create a new contact.

When creating a new contact from a Xero Practice Manager Client, the Business Type determined whether an Organisation or Person is created. A client with a Business Type of 'Individual' or 'Sole Trader' will be imported into Karbon as a Person. All other Clients will be imported as an Organisation.

However, Karbon will not import Xero Practice Manager Contacts that belong to a Client that has the Business Type 'Individual' or 'Sole Trader'.

Pushing changes to Xero Practice Manager

As long as one of the Contact Types is selected in the Contact Sync Settings page, then the Organization in Karbon with that matching Contact Type will be pushed to Xero Practice Manager - either when first created or when updated in Karbon.

Only People contacts in Karbon that are associated with an Organization via a contact card will be pushed to Xero Practice Manager. People contacts who are not connected to an Organization will not be created or synced in Xero Practice Manager.

Unlike syncing changes from Xero Practice Manager, pushing data happens in real-time and should be complete within seconds of the change being made.

Due to some limitations, we will only sync the first address and phone number from Karbon to Xero Practice Manager.

Viewing mapped contacts

To view contacts that were already mapped, click on 'View Client List' and you will be presented with the contacts that are in Xero Practice Manager that have been connected in Karbon.

Here you can view the contacts that have been mapped. If you feel that the mapping is incorrect, you can remove the match by clicking the options menu (...) to the right of the match and clicking 'Remove Match'.

Identifying partial matches

If partial matches have been identified after syncing it's likely that the contacts share the same associated email address but the name is differs from one another. You can reconcile this by selecting the potential match given or you can create a new contact in Karbon to connect the Xero Practice Manager contact.

To do this, click on 'Resolve Partial Matches' and you'll be taken to a page that shows you which contacts came up as matches. You can confirm the match that was prompted by Karbon or you can create a new contact if it's not correct.

Updating contacts

If the following updates are made to connected Clients in Xero Practice Manager or Karbon, it will be updated to the subsequent system:

  • Name change

  • Email change / addition

  • Phone number(s) change / addition

  • Physical address change / addition

  • Mailing address change addition

If the change isn't occurring quickly, you can manually update your contacts by going to Karbon Settings > clicking on Connected Apps > Manage your Xero Practice Manager and click Sync Now.

Please keep in mind, this integration is only available for firms in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Canada and the US.

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