Recording manual payments
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It's much easier to automate the collection process for payments using a Karbon Payments account.

However, if you've received a physical payment or bank transfer directly to your account for an invoice you sent out, you can manually record their payments.

To record a manual payment

  • Click Billing off of the main menu

  • Click Invoices

  • Click "Awaiting Payment"

  • Find the Client who paid you, and click the options menu (...) > "Record Manual Payment" for the relevant Invoice

  • This opens a modal to fill in:

Please keep in mind the following notes:

  • You can record an Invoice payment for anything above 0, up to the due amount

  • If you record a payment for less than the due amount

    • The invoice stays in Awaiting Payment

    • The due amount reduces

  • If you pay the due amount

    • The invoice moves from Awaiting Payment to Paid

  • If you receive a payment that covers more than one invoice, you'll have to record separate payments for each invoice covered.

  • You can't future date payments

  • You can post-date payments, if you banked that check yesterday, record it with yesterday's date

    • You can only record payments in open accounting periods

Delete manual payments

If a mistake is made when recording a payment from a client, or their check is returned with insufficient funds, these manual payments can now be deleted from the payments report under Finance > Payments. Only colleagues who are admin users with Billing access will be able to make this manual change.

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