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Determine who you need to Invoice and the corresponding Carry and Write On/Off as well as your financial position by reviewing the WIP Report available in Unbilled.

You can access your WIP report by opening your Main Menu > Clicking on Billing > Open Unbilled and select the options menu (...) to the left of the screen.

Unlike Unbilled, the WIP report does not cover:

  • Non-Billable Time

  • Work items that have been removed from billing

  • Any work that has been moved to an invoice

The type of work you're doing will also determine what work items will and will not show up in the report as well, please review the rules below to understand how this is determined.

Time & Materials

  • Time and materials work appears in the WIP report when:

    • There is time that is yet to be billed or written off

      • Once everything has been billed or written off, it will drop off the report

      • Once all unbilled time is on an invoice (regardless of status), it will drop off the WIP report

    • The work item status has no impact on whether time and materials work will appear in the WIP report

      • A work item will drop off the WIP report when an invoice for the time is created

      • A work item will rejoin the WIP report when a new unbilled time is recorded

      • If there is no unbilled time on the client or work item, it will not appear on the WIP

Fixed Fee:

  • Fixed Fee work is added to the WIP report as soon as it's created. The work remains on the WIP report until the work is completed and it has had its final invoice

  • Fixed fee work that is not billed will appear in the report regardless of status

  • Fixed fee work that is not complete will appear in the report regardless of the billing status

  • Fixed fee work drops off the WIP report when it is both completed and has had its final invoice

  • The report will show what has been billed, what is yet to be billed, and the WIP

  • Fixed Fee work will have negative WIP when billed in advance until the work is done

  • Fixed Fee work can have 0 WIP and be on the WIP report

    • This may happen if it is new or has not been billed and has no time recorded.

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