Import your client list

Bring your existing client list into Karbon quickly by bulk importing contacts from another provider.

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This article explains how to quickly import your existing client data and contact records. To import other types of contacts or bulk manage existing contacts, you can follow a separate process.

How to import your client list

Step 1: Export your client list from another provider

You will need your existing client list in an XLSX (Excel) or CSV file format. This can be exported from most other systems you may use. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to export from other systems in this article.

Step 2: Prepare your data for import

Client contacts in Karbon can either be organizations or people. Karbon imports your organizations and people in separate processes. If your export file includes both organization and people data you will need to split the file into two versions and remove any contacts/rows from your file as required. You will end up with one file for organization contacts and one file for people contacts.

The first row in your file must contain your column headings. If this is not the case, remove all rows above your column headings until the headings are in the first row. If there are no column headings you will need to create them. Karbon will look for column headings and import the following data:

  • Person/Organization Name (Required)

  • Emails

  • Phone Numbers

  • Address

If your file includes multiple contacts with the same name only the first contact row in your file will be imported, to avoid importing duplicate contacts. Similarly, if you import a contact that has the same name as a contact already in Karbon the duplicate contact will be ignored during the import. If you want to import additional client contacts with the same names you can upload contacts individually on the Contacts page.

Step 3: Import your organization or people lists

Click on the Export/Import icon at the top-right of the Contacts page, then click ‘Import Client List’.

You can import your organization or people contacts in any order. Upload your file and match the Karbon data points to a column in your file. You can repeat this process as many times as you like to import batches of new contacts that are not already in Karbon.

There is a separate process for updating existing client contact data in bulk.

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