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Manage your QuickBooks Online Accountant Integration
Manage your QuickBooks Online Accountant Integration

Find out how to manage your integration with QuickBooks Online Accountant and use this article to find the most frequently asked questions

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Integration basics

What does this integration do?

The Karbon QuickBooks Online Accountant Contact Sync integration synchronizes customer records from QuickBooks Online Accountant to Karbon as Contacts and Organizations - and vice versa. It is a two-way sync. Once synced, it will keep any matched records in QuickBooks Online Accountant updated if changes are made in Karbon (and vice versa).

Will it import all contacts from QuickBooks Online Accountant?

Yes, but it will skip importing contacts that are missing a business name and a contact name.

How does it keep data up to date?

The integration allows for both manual and automatic data synchronization. From the Karbon QuickBooks Online Accountant Connected Apps page, you can always push a manual data synchronization by clicking the "Sync Now" button. In addition, the integration will be listening in the background for changes to contact records in QuickBooks Online Accountant Customers and Karbon Contacts (Organizations and People) and if a name, email, phone and/or address is updated, it will update the other application.

What do I need to be able to set up this integration?

You need admin access to both Karbon and QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Does this integration support linking hidden contacts?

No, hidden contacts are effectively 'hidden' from this integration, so it will be unaware of them when trying to match a QuickBooks Online Accountant record with a Karbon record.

Please keep in mind this may result in a customer record in QuickBooks Online Accountant creating a new public contact in Karbon.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online Accountant in Karbon

Can I connect my QuickBooks Online Accountant account to multiple Karbon accounts?

No - QuickBooks Online Accountant only allows one instance of the Karbon syncing app per account.

What happens if there is already a contact in Karbon that is similar to a QuickBooks Online Accountant contact?

The integration will attempt to connect them if the name and email address match. If only the name or email address matches it will present the option to manually find a connection or create a new account. If neither the name nor email matches, a new contact will be created.

What happens if I delete a contact in QuickBooks Online Accountant?

The synchronization with QuickBooks Online Accountant will break, but the contact is retained in Karbon.

Can I manually force a sync?

Yes, the "Sync Now" button on the connected app page will initiate a sync of all of the QuickBooks Online Accountant records.

Data mapping

What data will it import into Karbon?

The integration imports the following fields (more on each below):

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone number(s)

  • Physical address

  • Mailing address

How is a client match determined?

On import from QuickBooks Online Accountant to Karbon:

  1. If there is a name and email match exactly the contact will get automatically matched.

  2. If both the name and email don't match then Karbon will create a new contact.

  3. If there's a partial match (i.e. email matches, the name doesn't / name matches, email doesn't) then Karbon will show the contact in the duplicate resolution screen - allowing users to pick the right match or create a new contact.

Can matches be removed?

Yes from the QuickBooks Online Accountant client list available in the integration settings or from the Organization or Contact details screen, but not in bulk.

Organizations and Individuals

How do we decide if a QuickBooks Online Accountant contact is an Individual or Organization?

The Karbon integration checks the "Display Name" of a QuickBooks Online Accountant contact. If that record matches the "Business Name" of the QuickBooks Online Accountant contact, we treat it as an Organization, otherwise, we treat it as a Person.

If you create a Client in QuickBooks Online Accountant as an Individual (versus a Business), we will treat it as a Person.

Display Name

How do we populate the QuickBooks Online Accountant DisplayName property when the contact is created in Karbon?

QuickBooks Online Accountant requires this field to be unique, so we always attempt to populate it.

For an Organization, we set DisplayName to the CompanyName. For individuals, we concatenate and present values in the following fields:

  • Title;

  • GivenName;

  • MiddleName;

  • FamilyName; and

  • Suffix.

For example, Ms. (Title) Jane (GivenName) Smith (FamilyName), or Dr. (Title) David (GivenName) Rufus (MiddleName) Jones (FamilyName). Where none of this data exists for a Karbon contact, we will not attempt to sync the data to QuickBooks Online Accountant.


How do addresses in QuickBooks Online Accountant map to Karbon?

Karbon maps the QuickBooks Online Accountant Billing Address to the Karbon Mailing Address, and the QuickBooks Online Accountant Shipping Address to the Karbon Physical Address.

Does all of the address data in QuickBooks Online Accountant get imported into Karbon?

QuickBooks Online Accountant addresses allow up to 5 address lines of 500 characters along with City, Country and Post/Zip code. Addresses in Karbon have a single Lines field of up to 200 characters, along with shorter City, State, Country and Post/Zip code fields.

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