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Setup Branding and Firm Details
Setup Branding and Firm Details

Set up Branding and your Firm details that will be included in the invoices sent through Karbon.

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Personalize your accounting firm’s branding and ensuring legal compliance with firm details in Karbon, facilitating a professional image and streamlined invoicing

Setting Up Branding

  1. Accessing Branding Settings:

    • Off of the main menu navigate to Settings

    • Select Branding.

  2. Adding Your Logo:

    • In the Branding section, locate the option to upload your firm’s logo.

    • Click on the upload button and select the image file of your logo from your computer.

    • Ensure the logo meets the recommended size and format specifications for the best display quality.

  3. Choosing a Branding Color:

    • Below the logo upload section, you will find the option to select a branding color.

    • Click on the color picker or enter the hexadecimal code of your desired branding color.

    • This color will be applied to specific elements on your invoices, such as the total and due amounts.

Please keep in mind, if you make updates to your branding that while future invoices will reflect the updated branding, invoices already sent or generated prior to the change will retain the old branding for consistency.

Updating Firm Details

  1. Adding Firm Address:

    • Navigate to Settings > Accounting Settings within Karbon.

    • Locate the Street Address/PO Box field and fill it out with your firm’s legal address.

    • This address will automatically appear in the footer of all invoices generated and sent through Karbon.

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