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The Practice Intelligence Time Workbook uses a Power BI feature called field parameters which grant users the ability to choose what data they view in tables and charts. This improves the flexibility of the Time Report, allowing users to answer a wider array of business questions.

Power BI's default settings have disabled the use of field parameters, so this article describes how users can change their Power BI settings to enable the use of field parameters.

Step 1

Open a Power BI Workbook, then click "File" in top left corner

Step 2

Click "Options and settings" in the left-most sidebar and click "Options" in the sidebar

Step 3

A new window titled "Options" will appear, click "Preview features" in the sidebar and ensure the checkbox named "Field parameters" has been checked

Step 4

Press "OK", and then exit and reload Power BI. The parameter fields will now work.

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