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KPI Workbook Instructions
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  1. Open the downloaded file “Template.pbit” (refer to email received)

  2. You will be prompted for your Locator number and Region. If you do not know this information, you can find it by navigating to Intelligence from your main menu in Karbon and then clicking the option to view Intelligence Credentials.

  3. Input your Locator, select the appropriate region and then press “Load”. (refer to email received)

    If you have previously used a KPI Power BI workbook on your machine, your credentials will be saved locally and you can skip step 3 and go to Step 4.

4. If you have never used a KPI Power BI Workbook on the machine you are using, you will be prompted for your Snowflake credentials (provided during your KPI Onboarding). Enter your credentials and press “Connect”

5. Wait for Power BI to load your data–this may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed.

6. Once your data has finished loading, the menu will disappear and the report will be populated with your data.

7. Once loaded, you will need to turn on the “field parameters” feature in Power BI. Please refer to the following short video on how to turn this feature on.

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