Magic Link

What is a magic link and how does it work?

Karbon Client Portal is accessed through a magic link, which is a unique URL generated every time Client Requests are sent and removes the need for a PIN, but more importantly, improves security.

When a client accesses the tasks sent to them, the link in the email is then associated with that device. This means that Client Requests are only accessible from that device.

What if my client wants to access the Client Requests from a different device?

Your client will be presented with a screen that has one call to action “Send Access Link”. This will send a newly generated magic link to the original email sent that will allow them to access the Client Requests from the computer. The Client Requests will now be associated with the new device. If they want to access it from another device, they will need to follow the same process.

What happens if the client opens the magic link on a phone and then wants to complete the Client Requests on a computer?

It’s the same process as above.

Does the Magic Link Expire?

Yes. The magic link is valid for 30 days. If your client attempts to access the client portal after 30 days from the date they first accessed the client portal, they will need to generate a new magic link. The 30 days will recommence after the new magic link has been claimed by them.

What happens to Client Requests already sent?

There is no change for Client Requests that were sent before the new Client Portal was enabled for you. If your clients open Client Requests that have already been sent, they will need to use their PIN to log in from the email or they can log in via the Client Portal screen.

What happens if I resend my Client Requests?

Resent Client Requests will now be accessed through the magic link and be hosted on the new Client Portal. Your client will no longer require a PIN to access the Client Requests.

Logging in to the Karbon Client Portal

What can my client see when they log in?

Karbon’s Client Portal provides clients with a full view and history of their requests, documents and communication. They will see up to 100 work items that have open requests for them to complete as well as view the last 100 completed work items they had client requests on.

What if my client needs to make changes to a completed work item/request?

They can see the requests, comments, and files which they can download. They cannot comment or change the status of the client request (completed > uncompleted). If you want your clients to make changes, you’ll need to change the status from completed to another status.

What if my client doesn’t want a Login?

They can continue to use the magic link and complete individual requests if they don’t want to create a login, however, the login provides greater flexibility for you and your client. The login enables your client to access everything sent to them including completed requests, as well as copies of documents and files uploaded—so they can keep track and easily find what’s been sent.

How can my client Login?

From the magic link by clicking log in on the left-hand side, or, you can share the URL provided in Settings. Clients can bookmark that link or if you’d prefer, you can add it to your website for frictionless access.

Can anyone make a Login for my account?

No. Only clients who are a contact in your Karbon account will be able to create a log in.

What if I delete a contact?

Their account will be deactivated and they will no longer be able to log in. However, if restored, they will be able to log in again.

Find a downloadable version of this page here, the password to access is: CPFAQ

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