Feel free to use this email copy to tell your existing clients about changes to Client Portal and what that means for them. Edit it to suit the information you want to talk about and your tone of voice.

Subject line: Changes coming to Client Portal


Hi [insert client name]

The existing Client Portal we use to request information from you has undergone an upgrade. In light of the new functionality, there are some changes to existing processes that you need to be aware of.

These changes are coming in early August, so in the meantime, nothing changes. But we wanted to inform you of what to expect when the changes are live.

Here are a few things, we think are important to note:

What will happen when the new Client Portal is live?

  1. Existing tasks already sent to you prior to this new functionality going live, can only be accessed through the PIN in the email they were originally sent from

  2. Any new tasks and requests sent to you will be accessible via a magic link included in the email. This is a more secure and convenient way to access your portal.

  3. You will now have access to a new Client Portal, which includes all open requests from across work items AND completed requests (history). You will see up to 100 open and the last 100 closed requests, including existing tasks.

We have attached this easy guide on how to use the new portal.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQs.

Find a downloadable version of this page here, the password to access is: CPCC

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