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Introduction to SQL for the Query Builder
Introduction to SQL for the Query Builder

Understand the basics of the SQL language for the Query Builder

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What is Query Builder?

Query Builder is an interface within Karbon that allows customers to access their firm's data via SQL (Structured Query Language).

Getting Started with Query Builder

Query Builder allows you to write, edit and save queries that access your firm's data, and then export the data into CSV or Excel format for further analysis.

When you first load Query Builder, an example query is already pre-loaded into the interface (1):


In order to execute the query, hit the "Run Query" button (2)

The results of the query will display in the Results pane (5).

In order to export the results, click on the Export button (4).

The results of the query will be downloaded to your machine in the desired format.

You also have the option of saving the query for future execution. Click on the "Save Query" button (3):

Enter a desired query name, and then hit the Save button. Your query will be saved in the pane on the right.

SQL syntax

The basics of SQL syntax are as follows:

List of example queries for Query Builder

How can I see what datasets I have access to?

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