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Xama Integration

Learn how to integrate with Xama with Karbon.

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If your practice is located in the United Kingdom, you can integrate Karbon with Xama. The Xama integration is designed to provide Karbon users with a streamlined approach to AML compliance.


Why use Xama with Karbon?

Xama provides accountants in the United Kingdom tools for:

  • Accessing Companies House information to easily establish beneficial owners and directors of a company

  • Securing identity Document Capture and Verification

  • Conducting AML Checks to provide further identity verification based on matches to independent data sources, such as the electoral roll and national identity register

  • Screening for Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions

Watch this video on how to set up the Integration

Connecting Xama with Karbon

Setting up the Karbon integration is effortless and is initiated from within Xama.

This guide will walk you through the five-step process which takes about five minutes to set up:

  1. Connect Karbon from within Xama

  2. Find your API key in Karbon

  3. Choose which contacts and contact types you would like to import

  4. Configuration is complete

  5. Configuration Settings page

1. Connect Karbon from within Xama

Navigate to the Hub Apps page within Xama. Find Karbon and click 'Connect'.

2. Find your API key in Karbon

Navigate to Settings > Connected Apps within Karbon where you will see the Xama app. You can obtain your API key by clicking on the Manage option and pressing 'Copy to clipboard'

Copy the full token provided in Karbon and paste it into the API key field in Xama. Then click next.

3. Choose which contacts and contact types you would like to import
Once the connection is established, you will be asked to select which types of contacts you would like to add to Xama, organisations or people or both. You can further refine the addition of contacts by specifying which contact types you would like to import:

4. Risk Assessment

Choose whether you would like to create a Risk Assessment work item in Karbon which is integrated to the Risk Assessment in Xama.

Next select the Karbon user the Risk Assessment should be assigned to.

Finally, select the Karbon Work Template that should be used when creating the Risk Assessment work item. We have created a Risk Assessment Work Template for the integration that can be used, or if preferred you can choose a different template.

5. Configuration is complete

The configuration is complete at this point and we encourage you to view and download the latest copy of our Karbon integration guide using the link provided.

6. Configuration Settings page

You will now be taken to the Configuration settings page.

From this page, you can make any amendments to your settings. If you would like to perform an import of your existing Karbon contacts, you can choose to do so via the Import function.

Note: This action can only be performed once every 24 hours. Be careful if you already have clients set up in Xama as this action does not perform duplicate checks and will recreate a client if the client was not originally created through a Karbon import.

Risk Assessment Integration

1. Under the appropriate client in Xama, go to Risk Assessment and create the Risk Assessment.

This will create an integrated work item in Karbon based on the configuration settings chosen, in the status of ‘In Progress’.

The Work Type will default to whatever the Work Type is set as within the integrated Work Template. The Start Date of the work will default to the day the Risk Assessment is created. The Due date can be managed by adding the following automator to the first section of the integrated Work Template and adjusting the ‘To’ days appropriately:

In the Details section of the work item there is a link back to the client record in Xama where the Risk Assessment is held.

A dashboard can then be used in Karbon to track high-level progress of all Risk Assessments, with further detail held within Xama, such as the progress of individual identity document requests and AML checks

2. When the Risk Assessment status in Xama is set to ‘Submit for Review’, the work item status in Karbon will automatically move to ‘Waiting’.

If you would like the status to move to something other than ‘Waiting’, then you could use Automators within the work template to do that, as follows:

3. Once the Risk Assessment is marked as Completed in Xama the Work Item will update to Complete in Karbon.

4. Xama can be used to track Risk Assessment renewals, and whenever a renewal Risk Assessment is created in Xama a new integrated Work Item will be created in Karbon.


If you need help in setting up the integration with Xama, reach out to our support team and we will assist you.

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