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Filtering and searching Contact Timelines
Filtering and searching Contact Timelines

Filter through emails, notes, activity items and client task emails within your Contact Timeline

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Contact timelines in Karbon can be full of information. Emails, notes and lots of client tasks going back and forth. This means that it can sometimes be hard to find the specific item you are looking for, when going through the timeline. Instead of scrolling and scrolling, you can filter the timeline so you are only looking at specific items, to quickly find what you are looking for.

If the contact timeline displays a large number of Client Task reminder emails, we suggest hiding these items so that you can focus on the communications between your team members and clients.


Filter timelines

Choose what you would like to see across your Contact Timelines by selecting or deselecting whether Emails, Notes, Activity items and client task emails will appear.

Keep in mind These settings are remembered across all Timelines and will indicate when there are hidden items by displaying a blue Filtering Icon.

Search timelines

The easiest way to search the timeline for a specific email, note or task, if you remember a specific wording or phrase, is to use the browser search.

Keep in mind that depending on the volume of items on the timelines, you may not be searching through all of the timeline at once. If you scroll to the bottom you can click and choose to expand the timeline. In this case, it's more effective to use the global search as this will search across Karbon.

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