Who can access the Companies House data?

Only team members with Admin account can access the settings to activate a sync and, download the data in CSV format.

All team members who have access to the contacts will be able to see the data imported on individual contacts.

Do I have to add my API key every time I want to sync?

No, Karbon saves your API Key once added.

How do I get the Companies House API key?

You need to signup with Companies House Developer Program. Details can be found here.

Can I set the sync to happen automatically in the background?

Not yet.

What do I need to have prepared to use the sync?

  • Company Registration Numbers for each company you’d like to sync

  • Companies House API Key

Here is how it all comes together.

Where can I see the information pulled from Companies House?

Both in Karbon and in an CSV download.

In Karbon all of the data is added to the respective client's contact details under:

Details > Accounting Details

Admin's also have access to a bulk export in the Connected Apps area.

What information is in the export file?

You'll find a list of all information extracted from Companies House and where it ends up, here.

Is there a way to bulk add Company Registration Numbers?

Yes, we can do a bulk update for you. Reach out to Support via chat or email support@karbonhq.com

Can I sync the data for contacts that don’t have the Company Registration Number saved?

No. You will need to have a Company Registration Number saved for each company you intend to sync with Companies House.

Can I see the history of the imports?

Yes. You can access the data for your last 5 imports.

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