Ok, so you've registered for the Karbon API and you have your Application Key from your friendly developer relations expert at Karbon and your Access Key. Now it's time to get up and running. The most common API testing application seems to be Postman these days, so we'll give you the rundown utilizing that tool.

Open Postman and begin by importing the OpenAPI spec from this link.


After clicking import, Postman will create a collection with all the endpoints that are currently available in the Karbon API.

You should see this if everything went well

We'll create an Environment and add these important access keys in variables. There are even more secure ways to handle these keys as outlined in this excellent article from Postman and we suggest that you read that article and implement good practice.

Edit the Karbon API 3.0 collection and add a Bearer Token type of Authorization. Add in the variable


that you created when you added the variable into the Environment.

Make sure to set your baseUrl to be


Like this...

Now we just need to add to the header our


I've created a preset that is easier to manage, but you can add it to each endpoint if you like.

Ok, now we're good to go. I just used the Contacts endpoint with the GET method and removed all the parameters (for now)


Happy coding!

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