As a designated Time Administrator, you have the user permissions to set capacity hours as well as review, decline and approve weekly timesheets for your colleagues (and yourself).

When a weekly timesheet needs your review, you will receive a notification in your Triage that provides you the summary information of the timesheet and a link to go directly to the submitted timesheet. Once you go to the timesheet, you have the following options:

  • Review weekly time summaries: Review the top-level data for your colleague to see the current time period, timesheet status, total time added, total hours denoted as billable, and this period's utilization percentage.

  • Review time entries by day: Click the date tabs to review time entries and suggested time entries by day.

  • Edit time entries: Click your logged time entry to update or delete.

  • Suggested Time Entries: Based on your actions, Karbon will present any activities that your colleague performed but did not track time against. To add the suggested times, leave a comment on their timesheet requesting that they add that time in.

  • Comments: Make and track comments as related to your colleague's activities and time tracked.

  • Decline: If there are issues with the weekly timesheet, provide a comment prior to clicking Decline. Once you click Decline, Karbon will mark the timesheet as such and notify the colleague via a Triage notification.

  • Approve: Once everything looks good, click Approve. Once the timesheet is approved, the colleague will receive a Triage notification and all time entries will be locked to prevent future editing. To unlock and update, a Time Administrator must mark the approved weekly timesheet as declined. Timesheet approval status does not affect how time data appears on reports in Karbon.

If integrating with QuickBooks Time, note that timesheet approval is not permitted in Karbon and rather is delegated to be completed within QuickBooks Time.

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