Time & Budgets Settings

Turn Time & Budgets on or off and change the preferences for tracking time, budgets and expenses.

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Time & Budgets Settings can be found by navigating from Main Menu > Settings > Time & Budgets

Once in Time & Budgets, you have the choice to choose what options you would like to activate in your account including:

  • Time tracking

  • Budgets

  • Expenses

Time Tracking

Choose whether you want to track time by just Work or Work and Contacts. Then decide whether to require timesheets to be submitted for approval. When turned on, Time & Budget tabs in Karbon will display the corresponding Time Entry Report section and allow for addition of time entries.

If you would like to require timesheets to be submitted be sure to have your extra user permissions setup (e.g. Time Administrator) to ensure that designated colleagues can review, comment, deny and approve timesheets.

In addition, you can restrict Roles for time entries. Admins can now limit users to only record time against Roles allocated to their profiles. This is to prevent billing errors and reduce the need for later corrections.

If integrating with QuickBooks Time, note that timesheet approval is not permitted in Karbon and rather is delegated to be completed within QuickBooks Time.


Turn on Budgets to track estimates for either Time or Time and Dollars for work. Once turned on for Time, on the Time & Budgets tab you will have access to the Budget Overview and Budget By Team Member / Role / Task Type on work items. If you choose Time and Dollars, you will have the ability to select Fee Settings and see the fee billable amounts either for fixed fee, time & materials or non-billable.

Tip: If you choose dollars, you can adjust user permissions to decide who on your team can view the rates.


Turn on expenses to track against work and contacts. Once enabled, you will find an Expenses area on each Work and/or Contact that allows you to Add Expense and specify a description, cost, amount billable and the date the expense was incurred.

Note: Like all Settings changes, these will be activated across your entire team.

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