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Tip: If you are new to Karbon, we recommend attending the Fundamentals Live Group Training first, prior to attending the Account Optimization & Template Building.

Fundamentals (45 min)

Discover the core features of Karbon and other tips for getting started, this training is perfect if you are new to the app. Learn how to:

  • Use Triage to manage your email

  • Use My Week to plan your work and get an overview of your priorities

  • Use Work Items to complete tasks and collaborate with your colleagues

Account Optimization & Template Building (45 min)

Learn to optimize key settings and create your first workflows before adding additional team members. This training is mainly for Karbon admin users.
This training will cover:

  • Customize key settings

  • Optimize a pre-populated template

  • Create and automate Client Tasks

  • Create and manage work

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