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Sharing Client Communication to Client Timelines
Sharing Client Communication to Client Timelines

You can share or un-share your own communication with a client's email address from their contact page.

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We recommend auto sharing all communication to contacts timelines in order to have transparency about what communications have been made. This makes it easy for everyone to know what is going on with a specific client. However, in some cases you may want to keep your communication with a client private for various reasons. In this article you'll learn how to manage the auto sharing function in Karbon.


Sharing Client Communication

You can individually share your communications to Client timelines by going onto the contact of choices timeline and sharing all communication by email address.

To set this up, go into the contact of choice, press into the link on the timeline that reads 'X colleagues sharing an email from Name', and turn on your sharing.

Sharing for more than one email

If your contact has more than one email address associated with them, use the drop-down in the Email Sharing page to update your preferences for each email address, as shown in the animation above.

Moving forward with this setting turned on, all emails to and from this address will auto-populate on the timeline.

Turning off Communication Sharing

When you create a contact in Karbon, this setting will automatically be turned on. If you do not want to share your communications with that contact, be sure to turn that off.

This can be done in one of two places:

1. When you're creating the contact

2. Updating your sharing options in the contacts timeline.

Auto-sharing Client Communication

The Auto Share email setting allows you to share all your emails to and from contacts in Karbon. With this setting turned on, any emails between you and a contact will appear on the contact's timeline.

To turn this setting on go to your user profile by clicking your name in the main menu. To the right-hand side of the Profile section > click "Edit" > scroll to the very bottom to "Email Settings" You can then tick the box to auto-share email, and click Save.

Keep in mind the sharing of email starts from the point the setting is turned on and will not apply retroactively.

In cases where an email address has been added to more than one contact, Karbon will only Auto Share emails to the Primary owner of the email address.

If an Organization is chosen to be the primary owner of an email, emails will be auto-shared to the Organization's contact timeline. If a Person is chosen to be the primary owner of an email, emails will be auto-shared to the Person contact timeline.

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