What’s the difference between Karbon Academy and the Magazine?

There are a number of differences between the content in Karbon Academy and the Magazine:

#1 While the topics are the same, the depth in which they are covered are very different. In the magazine it might be a 40-min panel discussion or an article that touches on a particular topic. In the academy, there’s a dedicated 1-hour lecture that walks you through a bit of theory but it is also heavy on examples. The content has been curated by the faculty based on their experience.

#2 Each lecture is followed by a group discussion so you can share your challenges and/or successes implementing what you learned in the lecture, as well as hear what your peers are doing.

#3 The content will be on demand and accessible at any time. You’ll also get the coursework and a plan to implement every lecture takeaways.

#4 Magazine’s content has a heavy focus on the firm, while the Academy’s is more on you: tools and tactics you can learn to grow your professional career, become a better manager for your team and drive change and scale in your company.

All in all, while the magazine covers topics of interest around strategy, management, efficiency and growth, the academy is geared towards practical examples and actual action plans, with tools that will help you be more entrepreneurial in the way you run yourself, your team and/or your company.

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