Update your profile by clicking on your name in the main Karbon menu. Here, you can add or edit your profile photo, your name, title, job roles and any other types of information you’d like to include.

Auto-Share Email from Contacts 

An Auto Share email setting allows you to share all your email to and from contacts in Karbon. With this setting turned on, any emails between you and a saved contact will appear on their timeline, unless you have chosen not to share emails with that specific contact. 

Update your signature

Most importantly, you should update your signature. Karbon allows you to update your signature two ways; can copy and paste the details in if you don’t want to create your signature from scratch. Upload your logo or logos and save. Or if you use Gmail or Office 365, you can import your email signature. Reach out through Help & Feedback if you need help with any adjustments.

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