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How do Task due dates work?
How do Task due dates work?

Because Tasks are part of a piece of work, there are 2 options to set the due date.

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Due dates on an individual task

Each task in a work item can be given its own due date. This date can be selected from the calendar or by typing a date in the due date field.

If that work item is set up on a repeating schedule, all of the tasks will be given a due date that is the same number of days from the start date of the work item that the tasks from the original work item were in.

For example: If your original work item is due to start on January 1st and you have a task due January 8th, then that task in the future work item will be due 7 days after the start date of the future work item. 

Due dates in work templates

When you are setting due dates for tasks in templates, you can select a certain number of days before or after the work item start date. 

When you create a work item from that template, Karbon will update the Task due dates based on the new work start date.

Note: If your tasks are dependent on a previous section of completed tasks, consider using tasklist automators to trigger the appropriate due date based on the completed date of the previous set of tasks.

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