Client data can be exported from Contacts by selecting the cloud icon and the data you would like to download. A spreadsheet will then be saved with your data.

If you are planning on manipulating this data to import back into Karbon, please keep the following things in mind:

  1. If names are changed, duplicate entries will be created. Changes to names should be made directly in Karbon. Other changes, such as contact type, address, or phone numbers, can be made in the spreadsheet.  
  2. Deleting rows will not delete the information in Karbon. if you want to delete an entire contact or contact card, create a brand new column called "Action" and on that row, enter the word "Delete".  
  3. Please do not delete column A. The keys are important to help us determine what needs to be updated. 
  4. If you see duplicate individuals, this may be due to that person having multiple contact cards in Karbon. Each row represents one contact card—if you see the same key in column one, then they are not duplicates, just multiple contact cards.
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