To-do items are categorized into six periods: 

  • Today
  • This week
  • Next week
  • Late
  • Last week
  • Completed

These periods give you an overview of the tasks that need completing during this time.

Buttons for these six periods display in the To-do header.

The period a new to-do item is added to is determined based on its to-do date, which is chosen when the item is created or assigned.

If a to-do date is not chosen, the period the item will be added to is based on its item type and its due/start dates:

  • A new note or email will be added to the period that is chosen when it is assigned.
  • A new task will be added to a period based on the start date of the piece of work that it is attached to.
  • A new work item will always be added to the period based on its start date.
  • If any to-do item has no due date or is not added to a period when created, it will be added to This week.

Here are some examples of which section a particular to-do item might be added to if no to-do date is chosen:

  • A note due at the end of next week, but added to This week will be added to This week.
  • An email due at the end of the month, but added to Next week will be added to Next week.
  • Work scheduled to start next week and be due in four weeks, will be added to Next week when first created.
  • Work with no start date chosen will have the current date set as its start date, and will be added to Today.
  • A note with no due date but added to Later will be added to Later.
  • A task due in one month time, that is part of a piece of work scheduled to start next week, will be added to Next week.

We encourage you to rearrange your to-do items into the period that you plan to work on them. For example, if a major task is due at the end of next week and you need to begin working on it this week, you should move it to This week.

You can rearrange to-do items by dragging and dropping them in the period you’d like them to be. Click on an item and then drop it on the period button you’d like it to be.

You’ll see that all items you don’t complete in the week they are in, will appear in your Today period at the beginning of the next week.

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