When you create a new contact, you will be given the option to make your emails with this person visible to your colleagues. If you do not select this box, you will be the only one who can see your emails to or from this client, unless they are added to a work item.

Your communication will remain private, unless you choose to change this from the black bar that will remain at the top of the contact’s timeline.

There are a few other rules to consider about private emails:

  • If you create a new contact from an email in triage, the contact will automatically become public
  • If you assign an email from a private contact to yourself, the email will appear in your to-do list, but colleagues who are not member of the client team will not be able see it
  • If a public contact is copied-in on an email from a private contact, that email will be visible on the public contact’s timeline

If you would like to remove a specific email from a timeline (for example, you are having a non-work related conversation with a client), you can remove it by clicking the "x" on the second tab of the information tray.

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