Practice workflow statuses

Any item’s status can be set to Planned, In progress, Waiting or Complete. Under each of these four main statuses, you have the option to create and set your own customized sub-statuses. These practice statuses will allow you to manage and keep track of your team’s workflow in the way that suits you.

For example, if you’re waiting on completed forms to be returned from a client, marking that task as “Waiting” may not give you all the detail you require. Instead, you can create a Waiting sub-status called “Waiting on client” and mark that task with this new status. Now you and your team can know, at a glance, exactly what you are waiting on.

To create and edit your Workflow statuses, go to Practice settings from the main menu, and select “Workflow statuses”.

Under each of the main statuses, you can create new sub-statuses, edit or delete existing sub-statuses, or reorder a sub-status by using drag and drop.

You can create as many sub-statuses as you need to effectively manage your team’s workflow. Keep in mind that any changes you make to your practice workflow statuses will immediately go into effect across your whole team.

Once your practice workflow statuses have been created, you can update the status of any item in Karbon, using its drop-down menu.

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