When you have an understanding of Triage and Contacts, you should look at Work and organize your To-do list. If you haven't already looked at your Settings, profile, Triage and Contacts, have a look at step 1 & step 2 of our getting started guides first.


Work in Karbon is a collaborative space to work together on a job, client work, or another group of tasks. It gives your team a central place to view all email, notes, tasks and documents related to the Work.

You can create a new piece of work directly from an email in Triage, or from scratch. Within the piece of work you can create lists of tasks and set individual due dates, statuses and assignees for each.

It's very easy to view all your Work that is assigned to you, as well as all Work throughout your company. You can do this in a list view, or on a Kanban board, which lets you optimize your entire team's workflow on a single screen.


To-do brings together everything that is assigned to you—Work, Email, Notes and Tasks.

To-do items are categorized into different periods, which give you an overview of the tasks that need completing during this time.

You can use the sort and filter option to view your To-do items in the way that makes the most sense to you. The default is Drag & Drop, so you can reorder the list by moving the most important to the top.

You can view your own To-do list, or your colleague's, by switching users in the header.

What's next?

Now that you have an understanding of Work and organizing your To-do list, we'll show you how you can get some further training and chat live with customer support, with Getting started step 4.

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