Within Settings, you can invite colleagues, edit or delete Job Roles to suit your firm’s needs, create Teams and sub-teams, setup Workflow Statuses, and Work Templates.

Please note:  Settings are settings for the entire firm. We recommend checking with your firm administrator before updating any settings. 

Job Roles
Job Roles are key to simplifying your team's Work setup process. We have pre-populated your account with a handful of common job roles. Click on a job role to edit or delete it, to suit your firm’s needs. Once you are done, you will be able to apply those job roles to your work templates.

Learn more about adding or editing Job Roles.

Work Templates

Early on, you should add Work Templates. These should be your standardized processes for recurring work such as monthly accounting, fortnightly payroll or client onboarding.

In Karbon, Work is synonymous with your projects and jobs, and it will help you to break the process down into bite-size chunks, in order to get every task completed. This is where Tasks come into play.

You can assign tasks in a Template to an individual team member if they will always be the one to complete that, but if you don’t know who will eventually perform the task, assign it to a Job Role. When you create work from the Template, you can swap out the Job Role placeholders with the appropriate team members.

Add Descriptions and Due Dates for tasks if needed, and be sure to check out the details tab of the Work template to enter any additional information.

When you’re done, click Publish and the Work Template will be available for you and your team to easily create Work for your clients.

To give you some inspiration, we have a library of crowdsourced templates for you to download and tailor for your own use and we have 50+ best practice templates to choose from.

Learn more about creating a new Work Template.

Workflow Statuses
Workflow Statuses let you create and set your own sub-statuses under each of these five main status types. Doing this enables you to view your Work at a more granular level.

We have created a few for you already, but we encourage you to delete or edit these if they don’t apply. Viewing all work by status will give you a better sense of where all your work in your firm stands.

Learn more about creating and using Workflow Statuses.

Invite Colleagues to Karbon
With these settings chosen, you are ready to invite your colleagues to fully experience collaboration in Karbon. Click Invite, enter their name and email address and they, like you, will receive a welcome email in their inbox for them to activate their Karbon account. Once inside, we recommend bookmarking Karbon for easy access.

Learn more about inviting a new colleague to Karbon.

Your profile

Update your profile by clicking on your name in the main Karbon menu. Here, you can add or edit your profile photo, your name, title, Job Roles and any other types of information you’d like to include.

Update your signature
Most importantly, you should update your signature. Karbon is unable to utilize your signature from your email client, however, you can copy and paste the details in if you don’t want to create your signature from scratch. Upload your logo or logos and save. Reach out in Help & Feedback if you need help with any adjustments.

Learn more about using email signatures in Karbon.

What's next?

Now that you have applied Settings, invited team members to collaborate with you, and updated your profile, we'll show you how to deal with email and contacts in Karbon, with Getting started step 2.

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