Various charts and leaderboards provide you with critical information, including the ability to drill down into individual work items.

Charts, metrics and leaderboards include:

  • Number of work items started
  • Number of work items completed
  • Number of work items overdue
  • When work items have been completed, compared to work due
  • Number of work items completed on time
  • Average days to complete work
  • Average number of days spent in each status
  • Colleague leaderboard: open work
  • Colleague leaderboard: completed work
  • Colleague leaderboard: overdue work
  • Client leaderboard: open work
  • Client leaderboard: completed work
  • Client leaderboard: overdue work

Drilling down into work items

Some charts allow you to click to reveal more detail and drill down into specific work items.

Once you have revealed the work item details, you can click "..." to navigate to the specific piece of work.

If you are unable to drill down into a particular chart, a message will display when you click.

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