If you would like to change the email address you log into Karbon with and receive emails from in Triage, you can create a new user account for your new email address, and then archive your old user account.

There are a couple steps to follow:

  1. Log into Karbon with your current (soon to be archived) email account.
    If you've already changed your email address and can no longer login, the best thing to do would be to have a colleague who still has access to Karbon to invite you using your new email address.
  2. Ensure all email is public for your contacts. This is important as it ensures all your email with your client is on their timelines and not lost when you archive your old user account.
  3. Invite in a new user with your new email address. You can do this from Settings/Colleagues.
  4. Log out of Karbon.
  5. Go to your new email address' Inbox and accept the invite to Karbon, all the way to logging in.
  6. Log out of Karbon.
  7. Log back into Karbon with your current (soon to be archived) email account.
  8. Clear Triage. It's important to get your Triage down to zero before you remove this user account. We'd recommend either replying to all emails and cc'ing your new email address, or assigning all the emails to your new user account that you created in step 3.
  9. Bulk re-assign all your old user account's To-do items to your new user account. Go to your To-do list and sort the To-do items by activity. For each section, you will see an options menu (...), click on this and you will see an option to "Assign to colleague". Here reassign all the To-do tasks to the new user account.
  10. Log out of Karbon.
  11. Log into Karbon with your new user account.
  12. Archive your old user account from Settings.
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