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Find your locator/region for KPI Workbooks
Find your locator/region for KPI Workbooks

Determine the process to upload your KPI workbooks depending on the version of Power BI you are using.

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How and where you will find the necessary information to load your KPI workbooks will depend if you are using Power BI Desktop or a cloud-based version.

Power BI Desktop

1. Open one of your existing workbooks

2. On the Home tab, select Transform Data

3. Under “Queries”, select Locator and copy the Current Value

4. Under “Queries”, select Region and copy the Current Value

5. Once you have the Locator and Region copied, you can close the Transform Data menu

Power BI Pro/Cloud-Based

1. Open your browser and navigate to your Power BI Workspace

2. Find one of your datasets

3. Hover over the dataset, select the “...” icon, and select “Settings”

4. Expand the “Parameters” dropdown and copy the Locator and Region

If you are unable to find your region/locator using the instructions above or require your credentials, please contact support.

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