Creating a draft invoice

To create a draft invoice, you can select the work items that you'd like to include and select 'Create Draft Invoice'. You can individually choose which work items to be added to an invoice.

If you need to invoice all of the items in the unbilled section, you can use the multi-selection tool at the top of the page next to 'No Items Selected' to grab all the invoices shown.

Or you can select all the invoices for one client using the multi-selection tool next to your 'Bill To' contact.

If you made a mistake, you can discard a draft invoice under 'Invoices' and the work items will appear in Unbilled.

When you've created your draft invoice it will automatically navigate you to the Invoice that has been created.

You can also access them from your Main menu under Billing > Invoices, by default it will show you the draft invoices first.

Adjusting a draft invoice

Adjust your invoices prior to approving them to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

Discarding a draft invoice

To discard a draft invoice, go into your draft invoices off of your Main menu under Billing > Invoices, by default, it will show you the draft invoices first.

There you can click on the draft invoice that you'd like to discard. Hover around the far right of the invoice and an options menu (...) will appear, click on the options menu and choose 'Delete'.

This will remove the draft invoice and revert it back to the unbilled items.

Write on / Write off

If you went over or under on your fee, you can adjust the amount within the drafted invoice. To update this, open up Invoices found under Billing in the main menu, click on the invoice you'd like to update, and change the amount.

You will see a positive or negative number appear under the Write On/Off column of that work item.

Approving an invoice

When you have completed reviewing your drafted invoice, you can then approve the invoice. Once you click approve, you can choose the payment due date.

Keep in mind anyone with access to Billing, will have the ability to approve an invoice.

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