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Create, adjust and approve invoices
Create, adjust and approve invoices
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Creating a draft invoice

To create a draft invoice, you can select the work items that you'd like to include and select 'Create Draft Invoice'. You can individually choose which work items to be added to an invoice.

If you need to invoice all of the items in the unbilled section, you can use the multi-selection tool at the top of the page next to 'No Items Selected' to grab all the invoices shown.

Or you can select all the invoices for one client using the multi-selection tool next to the Client.

If you made a mistake, you can discard a draft invoice under 'Invoices' and the work items will appear in Unbilled.

When you've created your draft invoice it will automatically navigate you to the Invoice that has been created.

You can also access them from your Main menu under Billing > Invoices. By default, it will show you the draft invoices first.

Adjusting a draft invoice

Adjust your invoices prior to approving them to ensure they are as accurate as possible.

You will have a full audit of the actions performed within the Activity & Comments section of the drafted invoice.

You can additionally mention your colleagues in the Invoice Activity of the drafted invoice which will allow them to see what updates were made.

Keep in mind if they don't have access to the Billing feature, you will not be able to add them in the comment.

Write on / Write off

Billable Time

For Billable Time, this can be done by changing the amount value at the total amount level or for each row. If calculated at the total amount level, the system calculates how much write-on/off there is for each row based on the hours and billable value per combination. If calculated at the row level, it will calculate the write-on/off for that time entry only.

Fixed Fee

If you track time on Fixed Fee work items, a calculation of the write-on/off per individual time entry will be created. When you view the time entry section on the fixed fee work item, you will see two additional columns called billed and write on and off.

Each time a time entry is added, in the background we will calculate the write-on and off and billed amount for each time entry.

Billed Status

Once an invoice has been approved, all time entries already added will be marked as billed and any time entries added after will then be marked as billed as well

Carrying Time

Billable Time

If you decide that you don't want to bill all the time entries listed on the invoice and want to bill them at a later time, you are able to carry the time entries.

This can be done one at a time or in bulk by clicking on the checkbox and clicking the button option that says 'Carry'.

Once the invoice is approved, these time entries can be found back in the Unbilled section. If you want to re-include time entries before approving the invoice, click the checkbox again and click 'include'.

Fixed Fee

Unlike billable time, you cannot carry individual time entries. Instead, you can carry the amount of the invoice. This can only be done if the Fixed Fee Item is marked as a progress bill (see toggle section below for information on progress vs final bills). To carry adjust the amount to be a lower value.

Final Bill Toggle

Next to each work item on the invoice is a toggle, when toggled on, it indicates that will be the final invoice for that work item. For Fixed Fee items, this means the Fixed Fee work will no longer appear back in unbilled after the invoice is approved. For Time and Materials work, any time entries added after the invoice is approved will not appear back in Unbilled.

The Final Bill Toggle is toggled off by default for Time and Materials work items and on by default for Fixed Fee items.

If there are billable items for the same work (e.g expenses and time) and you toggle it on for one of the items, it will turn the toggle on for all billable items attached to that work item that is on the invoice.

Discarding a draft invoice

To discard a draft invoice, go into your draft invoices off of your Main menu under Billing > Invoices, by default, it will show you the draft invoices first.

There you can click on the draft invoice that you'd like to discard. Hover around the far right of the invoice and an options menu (...) will appear, click on the options menu and choose 'Discard'.

This will remove the draft invoice and revert it back to the unbilled items.

Approving an invoice

When you have completed reviewing your drafted invoice, you can then approve the invoice. Once you click approve, you can choose the payment due date.

Keep in mind anyone with access to Billing, will have the ability to approve an invoice.

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