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What is the Karbon Data Warehouse?
What is the Karbon Data Warehouse?

The Karbon Data Warehouse is a secure, performant database that allows access to your firm's data via Karbon Practice Intelligence.

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Karbon Data Warehouse

The Karbon Data Warehouse is powered by Snowflake, a proprietary data warehousing technology to securely share your firm's data for Karbon Practice Intelligence. Snowflake is a data platform provided as (Software as a Service) SaaS and runs on cloud infrastructure. It enables our customers to explore and export their data as well as create customized exports and materialized views.

What’s a Reader Account?

A Snowflake reader account enables you to do the same with your Karbon Practice Intelligence data. A reader account grants you direct access to your firm’s data. This feature is unique to every firm and can be accessed by multiple users within the firm.

The reader account is essentially a microcosm of the main account, since it provides a direct view of your firm's data. The key difference is that a single reader account exclusively provides access to data for your firm.

I've already purchased Practice Intelligence for my firm, how can I access the Karbon Data Warehouse?

Please reach out to your account manager for your access credentials via the Intercom Chat.

How frequently is the Practice Intelligence data refreshed?

The datasets available via Practice Intelligence are refreshed on a daily basis, with the refresh occurring at midnight in each timezone.

My firm utilizes multiple tenants in Karbon, how does this work with Practice Intelligence?

Through Practice Intelligence, we are able to combine data from multiple tenants into a single database.

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