With the Connect4 integration with Karbon, you can effortlessly turn every client meeting action into an actionable task to ensure that your client work delivery is on point. Never miss an action, assign work across your team, and deliver a consistent client experience in every meeting.


Why use Connect4 with Karbon?

Connect4 provides the best possible client meetings. Karbon enables best in class workflows to deliver your clients desired outcomes. You can now use both tools to create a more seamless workflow.

The integration between Connect4 and Karbon allows you to make sure that actions discussed in client meetings automatically turn into Karbon tasks for your team to action.

Start your client meetings quickly with clients in Connect4, by using your Karbon contact database. Once you've set and assigned actions in Connect4 during the meeting, you can then seamlessly transfer these to team members in Karbon for task and work completion.

Connecting Connect4 with Karbon

Getting started takes no time at all! Simply follow these xx steps, and you're all set!

  1. Find your API key in Karbon

  2. Add the API key to Connect4

  3. Turn on Connect4 for multiple brands

Note: You must be an admin in Karbon and the Connect4 account owner to be able to set up this integration. If you are not an admin, reach out to the admin for your account and have them help you set it up.

1. Find your API key in Karbon

Go to settings in the menu on the left, and then click 'Connected Apps'.

Then find Connect4 and click 'Connect' or 'Manage' to grab your 'Connection token'.

2. Add the API key to Connect4

Add that copied key to Connect4 under 'Integrations' which is shown when you click on your avatar in the top right.

Turn the Karbon integration on by flicking the switch and pasting the Access Key you copied from Karbon.

If a colleague is a team member in your Connect4 organisation and has a seat in Karbon they too will be connected.

3. Turn on Connect4 for multiple brands

There are a few firms that have more than one Connect4 organisations (for example two different brands) you will need to add the Karbon access key to both organisations in Connect4. You can add the same Karbon access key to more than one Connect4 organisation. Just repeat for both 'Organisation Context(s)'

Video Overview of how to connect to Connect4 (8min)

Using your integration with Connect4

Whether an ad-hoc meeting with a client they have requested or as part of your proactive approach to having monthly or quarterly business reviews with clients make sure you utilise a Connect4 pod.

When setting up a meeting with a client for the first time on Connect4 you or your team member will need to create a pod that will become the home for all meetings with that specific client.

Creating a pod using Karbon contacts

Simply Add a new pod in the usual way. When adding clients emails to a new pod- typing the first letters of the email address will surface any contact that is included within your Karbon contact cards.

Assigned actions from Connect4 in Karbon

Assigning actions to yourself or a team member in Karbon will make that item show up on the to do list. From here you can add that specific item to a work item or even add it to My Week.

It's super simple. All you have to do is create a new action in Connect 4.

A Karbon icon will appear once it's been sent to Karbon to-do list and the to do item will show at the bottom of your To-do list to be prioritised into your preferred workflow. You can then set a due date, collaborate on items by bringing in colleagues via comments, bring it into My Week or simply complete it by ticking of the box.

Note: this is currently a one way synchronisation meaning once the todo is cleared within Karbon- it will still need to be marked completed within Connect4 when preparing for you next meeting.

Attach meeting notes and follow ups to timelines in Karbon

You can send out meeting notes and actions through the post meeting email summary within Connect4. This will bring the meeting notes into Triage and allow you to assign the notes to a specific work or contact timeline.


If you have any questions about how to connect, feel free to reach out to our support team and they will help you. You can also reach out to your account manager at Connect4.

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