With the QuickBooks Time new bi-directional sync, the integration between QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Online syncs both ways to add time and create new contacts.

In the current public integration, QuickBooks Time can only push time to QuickBooks Online for pre-existing customers:jobs in QuickBooks Online. No new contacts or jobs can be created from QuickBooks Time to QuickBooks Online.

Now, with the new integration, when you add time to a client in QuickBooks Time, if the client doesn't exist in QuickBooks Online, it will create that contact and apply the time against it.

Please note, this integration is currently in BETA. To get this turned on, reach out to support via the Help & Feedback within the main menu in app or email support@karbonhq.com. Mention in your support message that you would like to be added to the QuickBooks Time bi-directional sync beta.

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