Connecting Karbon to Companies House allows you to import key information into your contacts (where you have the Company Registration Number saved):

  • Legal Name

  • Financial Year End Day

  • Financial Year End Month

  • Incorporation Date

  • Any Key Dates

  • Adds Officers to notes

  • Adds Accounts (next made up to, etc.) notes

  • Adds Statement Notes (Next statement date, etc.)

Once the import is complete, you will be able to see all of the information for a company by navigating to the contact and selecting Details > All Accounting Details

.CSV Download

You are also able to download a .CSV export of your client data from Companies House. The download contains two tabs:

Change Log

This tab highlights all of your clients who had details updated with the following columns

  • Karbon Key

  • Organisation Name

  • Company Registration Number

  • Update Type

  • Old Value

  • New Value


This tab will contain the data for all of your clients. The export will contain the details listed below.

  • Karbon Key

  • Organisation Name

  • Company Registration Number

  • Accounts next Made Up To

  • Accounts Next Due

  • Accounts. Last Made Uo To

  • Confirmation Statement Next Made Up To

  • Confirmation Statement Next Due

  • Confirmation Statement Last Made Up to

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