One key benefit of Karbon's Companies House integration is that it allows you to import and update key information like filing dates across all of your clients with a single click.

This guide will walk you through the three-step process which takes about five minutes:

  1. Registering with Companies House

  2. Creating an Application to get an API Key

  3. Linking Karbon & Companies House with the API Key

Note: You will need a Company Registration Number saved for all of the contacts that you’d like to sync.

1. Register with Companies House

Registering is how you tell Companies House that you want to access their data with your software, which in this case is Karbon. Once you've registered and told them about your software, you will be provided with an API Key, which can be thought of as a password that your software uses to login to Companies House.

Visit Companies House Developer Hub to register your account.

2. Create your app and API Key

Once registered and logged in, you will need to select Create Application.

You will then be asked to add the details of your application. We recommend calling the application "Karbon" and adding a clear description.

You will also need to select Live as the environment for your application.

You will then see an overview with the Application Details.

Create your Key

While on the Application Details screen, select Create new key.

Then add a name for the key, a description and select REST.

Then select Create key, the API Key will be created.

Once saved, you will be taken back to the Application details where you will be able to see the key.

Copy the API key to your clipboard as you will need it for the next step.

Connect Karbon to Companies House

Now we will add the API to Karbon and create a secure connection. Start by opening Karbon in a new window and navigate to Connected Apps.

Settings > Connected Apps > Companies House > Manage

Then select Add API Key, which will reveal a pop-up modal

Paste in the API key and select Update

You should now see a Sync Now button. Click on it!

Note: If you have a lot of data to sync, it may take some time. You can navigate away from the page and the sync will continue in the background.

Once complete, you will see the option to Download in the summary column

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