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Group workflow session: Account Optimization & Template Building
Group workflow session: Account Optimization & Template Building
Find out how to set up Karbon, optimize key settings and create your first workflows before adding additional team members.
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This training is intended for Administrative users. If you are looking for general training to get you started, please check out our Fundamentals Training. It is highly recommended that you review the fundamentals training first to gain a better understanding of Karbon prior to this Account Optimization & Template Building Training.

To get the most out of the session, there are a few simple but essential steps to help prepare. During the interactive session, you and other attendees will have the chance to share what you tried, how it went, and what additional questions came up during that experience.

The below training material is meant to be reviewed while you are logged in to your account for hands-on training.

Let's Begin:

Please review the materials below and complete the short activities in your Karbon account. This training should take you about 30 minutes.

Remember, it is perfectly fine if the activities did not work as expected. Simply attempting them will give you the context needed to participate fully in the live session or to continue your learnings via our other help articles.

VIDEO: Kanban overview (3-mins)

What is the Kanban Board, what will you use it for, and why are understanding filtering and sorting options important to best use?

ACTIVITY: Save a work view (1-min)

  1. Go to your Work Kanban board and add a filter for "Assignee" select yourself

  2. Go to the sorting menu and change the column layout to "Status"

  3. Save your view

VIDEO: Workflow settings (2-mins)

These settings are easy to customize and directly affect Kanban functionality.

ACTIVITY: Customize workflow settings (4-mins)

  1. Think about your most common workflow. What key progress steps (statuses) would you like to be able to sort your current work into for accurate reporting?

  2. Review the customer workflow statuses currently in your account and add any that don't exist yet for that workflow. Don't worry, you can always delete them later if it turns out you don't need the ones you create

  3. What key processes and service offerings would you like to be able to focus on using a filter on your Kanban view? Review the current Work Types in your account and add at least one new one. Be sure to customize the related workflow statuses. Once again, you can always delete this type later if it turns out you don't need it

VIDEO: Creating work template (10-mins)

Most work that you manage in your Kanban view will be created by work templates because they standardize your workflow and processes within Karbon.

Before you start building from scratch, however, explore Karbon's Best-practice Workflow Templates. They may provide a more convenient starting point for you to then customize to your specific needs.

ACTIVITY: Send a client task (4-mins)

  1. Create a new contact in your account called "Test Client" and give it your personal email address (or any address you monitor that is not @yourcompany)

  2. Identify one of your existing work templates that contains a client task section and create a new piece of work from that template assigned to yourself and choose the "Test Client" contact as the client

  3. Send the client task to your personal email account and see if you can access it correctly on your home computer (or an alternate browser or incognito/private page of the computer you're working from now)

VIDEO: Tasklist automators (2-mins)

Understand how Karbon can help you automate the administration of your workflow.

ACTIVITY: Create a tasklist automator (4-mins)

  1. Think about the custom work status you created in the first exercise. Which work template in your account is most closely associated with that process? Go to that template in your account

  2. In the template's Details tab, make sure the default Work Type is set to a work type that is configured to use the custom work status you created

  3. In the Tasks tab of the template, identify the section where the work should move into the custom work status you created. Create a Tasklist Automator that updates the status of the work based on the prior section's tasks being completed

  4. Publish the template changes

ACTIVITY: Test your template (4-mins)

  1. Create a new piece of work based on the template you just edited. Assign it to yourself and set the client to the Test Client

  2. Start marking tasks in the work complete as if you were actually going through the work. When you reach the automator you created in the prior activity, see if it activates in the way you expected

  3. Immediately after your automator activates, go to your Kanban board and choose the saved view you set up in the first activity. Does your test work item show up in the appropriate status column?

OPPORTUNITY: Template review

Once you've finished setting up your first work template, reach out to your Karbon Account Manager for a complimentary template review to receive tips and best practices on further refining the template. Not sure who to contact? Message us using the in-app chat, or email and we'll get you to the right person.

During the webinar

We will review each of the five activities by discussing as a group:

  1. How successful was the activity?

  2. Did anything prevent you from completing the activity?

  3. What additional questions came to mind as a result of the activity?

As a reminder, here are the five short activities listed above that you should complete prior to the webinar:

  1. Save a work view.

  2. Customize Workflow Settings.

  3. Send a Client Task.

  4. Setup a Tasklist Automator.

  5. Test Your Template.

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