Reference material for bulk work creation spreadsheet fields

Karbon ID - Please do not touch this column.

Update Existing Work Data? - Please do not touch this column.

The next several columns relate to one-time work items or to the initial piece of work in a repeating series.

Work Title - If you plan to create repeating work, we recommend including a date or other indication of the period each iteration is for.

Description - Optional.

Work Type - This must match the default work type of the template being used. The Karbon Team will pre-populate this for you.

Assigned To - Which colleague on your team will the work item be assigned to? This is a REQUIRED field. Please use the drop-down menu to select and do NOT type in other names.

Client Type & Client Key - These will be pre-populated for you based on the first spreadsheet you submitted to us. Please do not change the data in these columns.

Related Client Group Key - We will default this to "Auto" but please mention to us if you have contacts that are members of multiple client groups.

Start Date & Due Date - These are required fields.

Status - We will default this to "Planned," which is appropriate for the vast majority of circumstances. Please let us know if you think there's a reason to create any work in a different work status.

The next several columns only pertain to creating repeating schedules for your new work.

Frequency - How often should the work repeat? Please ONLY use the options available from the drop-down menu in each cell.

Customer Units & Custom Period - These are left blank unless a custom frequency is being setup. In those cases, we'll discuss with you one on one how to populate these fields.

Due Type - REQUIRED for repeating work. ONLY use the options presented in the drop-down menu.

Due Day - Only used if setting a mid-month due date. Avoid using "29" or "30" if there's any chance work might come due in February.

Due Month - Used when the due date is more than a full month after the start date, and ONLY when the "Due Type" selected is "Day of (2nd, 3rd, ...) month after start month."

EXAMPLE: Work starting August 1 and due on the 20th of the following month (September 20) would be set as:

*Type = Day of (2nd, 3rd, ...) month after start month

*Day = 20

*Month = 1 (because Sept is one month after Aug)

Adjust Weekend Start/Due Date - If set to "Yes" then start and due dates that fall on weekends will automatically be moved to the preceding Friday. This may result in the TOTAL number of days of work duration being either shortened or lengthen by up to two days.

End Date - Optional field. Leave blank if work should repeat indefinitely. If defined, no new work in schedule will be created with a start date after this date.

Title Definition - The Karbon Team can help you better understand the options here. There are several placeholder options to allow future work names to populate with specific date and timing conventions.

These final two sections apply to both one time and repeating work.

Role Assignees - If your template includes any Job Role placeholders, there will be a column here representing each unique role (otherwise this area will not appear). Please ONLY use the drop down menu in each cell. These fields are optional and it's fine to leave all or some of them blank. It's perfectly fine if you plan to assign colleagues to these roles later once the work is created.

Client Task Recipients - If your template includes any Client Task sections, a column will be included here for each section (otherwise this area will not appear). Populating these fields is optional. If you do populate, make sure any client email addresses you put in ALREADY exist as contacts in your Karbon account. It's just fine to wait and enter these manually once the work items are created, however filling the addresses in now can be particularly useful for client task sections you plan to have send automatically based on the work start date.

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