Wherever you review time and budgets related data, you will see a download icon or Export link to download all displayed time and budget related information. To export this data, you must have the Time Administrator user permission.

These exports are available in multiple places in Karbon:

Time & Budgets tab of Work or Contacts.

This will show you the budgeted amount vs actual as well as what is remaining.

Use the cloud icon to export this view. The export will show budgeted by actual amounts by colleague involved.

Work Section

Off of the main menu, click on the ‘Work’ section and create the view that you need to look at, then use the cloud icon in the upper right corner of the screen to export the work in that view.

Once that data is exported, you will see the budgeted vs actuals by work item. Including further work related information.


Off of the main menu, click into Time and you will see all timesheets by week. Click into the desired sheet and you can then export all data that is there or you can filter down by status and/or colleague to get more specific information and click on the ‘Export’ link to export that information.

When you open the export, you will see all of your colleagues entered time as well as there will be a tab for each person which will show you that person's time spent, what role and task type they entered the time through and more.

Time (colleague utilization)

Off of the main menu, click into Time > Colleague Utilization and you will see all timesheets by colleague within the preferred time period.

You can then click into the colleague to see their usage, click the cloud icon to export all data that is there.

The export data is typically used for:

  • Providing a consistent Excel download to use with your own custom reporting.

  • Transferring your up-to-date time & budget data to your preferred time tracking or billing solution of choice.

Remember that whatever data you are viewing is the data that you will be downloading. Be mindful of your filters and data fields being displayed.

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