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Learning Objectives:

After completing this module you should be able to _____.

  • identify how job roles help with capacity planning.

  • explain the benefits of client tasks versus emailed requests to clients.

Product Feature Keywords:


Understand the basics & defaults for colleagues, teams and job roles to customize Karbon to represent the way you and your team work.


Learn how you and your team can use client tasks to collaborate with clients, assign tasks, schedule automatic reminders and receive info.


Setup a client task.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Choose (or create) a new work template from Settings > Work Templates.

  • On the Tasks tab in the work template, click the ... menu on the first section (next to the Add Task button).

  • Choose "Add Client Section Above" to create a client task section.

  • Provide a name for the client task section (e.g. "Introducing your team at [Company XYZ]!". Remember, your client will see this client section title (as well as the work item name) in their client task portal.

  • Provide at least once client task by clicking the "Add Client Task" button and completing the task title and/or description. For instance, make the client task title as: "Confirm your dedicated working team from [Company XYZ]". In this case, you might add the names, roles and responsibilities of each team member in the client task item description.

  • Personalize the email sent with the client task by clicking Sending Settings and Edit email. Use the email details outlined below.

  • Click Next and, if interested, specify if you want reminders, at what frequency, and edit the Reminder Email. Once done, click Save.

  • Communicate expectations to your client using this email template.


Have Karbon (and client tasks) nudge your clients along. Customize the frequency of your client task reminders.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Click on Sending Settings for your Client Task section.

  • Send to the Contact of your choice. (If you're not ready to send to a real client, try setting up your personal email as a contact for testing; you'll also be able to see the experience of receiving the client task!)

  • Choose the Sender of the client task (note that Client task notifications will be sent to the work assigner + the sender).

  • And choose Send tasks now.

  • Click Edit Email to customize the outgoing email.

  • Click Next.

  • Choose the frequency of your client task reminders or click the button to turn off reminders.

  • Click Edit Reminder Email to customize your reminders.

  • and Send.

Important note:

If on the first screen you "Schedule tasks to auto send later" by choosing a date, future work on a schedule will utilize this date. Please see the Support article "Sending Client Tasks".


Automate the client chase. Use client tasks to get info & a document from a client and use comments to collaborate.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Click the options menu "..." of the first section on the tasks tab of a work item.

  • Click Add Client Section above.

  • Give the Client Task Section a name (i.e. Missing information needed).

  • Click the Add Client Task button within the Client Task section.

  • Give the task a title (i.e. Submit signed documents, provide missing information, etc).

  • Click into the task and give the task a description (i.e. download the attached document, sign and send via this client task, etc.).

  • Enter a due date for the task.

  • Click Sending Settings.

  • Enter the name of the contact to whom you want to send the Client task.

  • Choose who will be the sender of the task (note: notifications of any activities such as completion of tasks or comments on tasks will be sent to the work assignee and the person you choose to send the tasks).

  • Click to edit the Client Task email and customize with placeholders.

  • Click Next to choose auto reminder email settings.

  • Click to edit the Reminder email and customize with placeholders.

  • Click Send.

  • Comment on the task to interact with your client. Comments will trigger new emails in your client’s Inbox.


Maintain visibility on both the client & the client's work. Smartly use the client owner, client manager and work assignee in Karbon to keep a finger on what is happening.

Step-by-step directions:

While your team might be the ones completing the work, you might oversee the client or even a part of the book of business that you need to know where it stands at any point in time. You can use the Client Owner and Client Manager fields on clients to get this required visibility.

  • Go to your desired contact in Karbon. Either use: 1) the search in the upper right, type in the name, choose the "Contacts" tab, and select the correct contact from the list OR 2) Go to "Contacts", type the contact's name from the search bar, and click on the correct contact.

  • Once in a contact, go to the Details tab. Click "Edit" in the "Client team" section.

  • For the "Client Owner" and/or the "Client Manager", enter the appropriate employee that oversees the client. For larger organizations, you might make the Owner/Partner the Client Owner and the Team Manager the Client Manager to provide multiple levels of viewing in Work.

  • With the Client Owner/Manager assigned, go to "Work" from the main menu.

  • Choose "Add Filter" and select either "Client Owner" or "Client Manager".

  • To view all work by who it is assigned to, click the 3 button slider on the right, choose "Columns" as "Assignee", and click outside of the box.

  • With this filter and sorting, you can now view all work that is overseen by the Client Owner or Manager while having all the work displayed by who is responsible to getting the work done.

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