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Learning Objectives:

After completing this module you should be able to _____.

  • describe the different places in Karbon you would find a timeline and list the types of information you might find there.

  • explain the different situation where an email would, or would not, get added to a timeline.

Product Feature Keywords:


Timelines are an essential element of data organization and visibility. See what they include and where to find them.


Track multiple requests from a single client email on multiple work timelines.

Step-by-step directions:

This will split the conversation so each segment can be attached to the desired timeline:

  • In Triage, forward the email to yourself.

  • When forwarding, you will have the option to rename the subject line and retag the forwarded email to a different work item.

  • When the forwarded email comes into your Triage, you'll notice the changes you've made.

  • In Triage, add each email to a work item (e.g. Add to Work).

  • When viewing the email, go to the Info Tray on the right side.

  • Choose the timeline option (middle icon) and click Add to Work. You can add the communication to as many Contact and Work timelines as you like.


Make a specific conversation with a contact private.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Go to "Triage" and click into a email conversation of your choosing. With the conversation fully open, choose the work icon from the tray on the right side (second icon).

  • Click the "X" to each timeline you would like to have the conversation removed from.


Make a specific contact private to the rest of the team.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Go to "Contacts" from the main menu.

  • Choose a contact from the list and click its name.

  • In the contact record, choose the "Details" tab and click "Edit" on the "Privacy" section.

  • Toggle the contact's privacy to either Public, Private or Hidden.


Grant (or remove access) to a private (or hidden) contact.

Step-by-step directions:

  • Using the contact you just marked as Private or Hidden, provide access to that contact to a specific team member. From the "Details" tab in the contact, choose "Edit" from the "Client Team" section.

  • Add the colleague you would like to have access to the private contact by clicking in the "Other colleagues" box and start typing their name.

  • With the name provided, just click the back arrow or go somewhere else in Karbon, and the selected person will now have access to that particular contact.


Grant access to a private (or hidden) work item to a colleague.

Step-by-step directions:

  • For the private contact already created, provide access just to a particular work item for that contact. Go to the work item for the particular private or hidden contact, and do one of the following to grant access to a team member for the work item:

  • Assign the work to a colleague

  • Assign a task to a colleague on the "Tasks" tab.

  • Add the colleague to the "Client Team" (click "Edit") in the "Details" tab.


Learn how files are added into Karbon, where to find them, and how they are managed.


Apply your knowledge of Karbon's privacy settings to create an area for you to keep notes and maintain work just for you.

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