Learning Objectives:

After completing this module you should be able to _____.

  • list the types of items that might appear on your To-do list and where they originate from.

  • describe what information elements are contained in a work item.

  • summarize what actions you can take with tasks assigned to you.

Product Feature Keywords:


With multiple team members collaborating with one client or on one work item, knowing who is responsible for what is critical.


Learn how you can use To-do to manage all of your tasks, big and small, plan what you're working on today, and see what's coming up next.


Create a to-do item

Step-by-step directions:

It's your favorite client's birthday next week and you need to get them a card.

  • Navigate to your To-do list.

  • Click the "Add Item" button (will create a note).

  • Assign the note to yourself.

  • Set the to-do date for tomorrow, since that's when you plan to buy the card.

  • Set the due date for one week from today, because that's your coworker's actual birthday.

  • Give the note a title and details that make sense to you, then click "Add" to finish.


Work items

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