Full access to Email Insights is free on the Enterprise plan, and available as a paid add-on for Team and Business customers, for $10/User/Month (AU, CA, NZ, US) or £5/User/Month (UK).

What is included in the full version of Email Insights?

The full version of Email Insights provides detailed reporting on individual, team and client email activity and effectiveness. It gives you a whole new level of understanding over how your team communicates.

Email Insights reveals:

  • Daily email volume across your firm, or for specific clients or employees

  • Average email response times

  • How client communication compares month-on-month

  • The clients that consume your team's time most

  • The team members most effective at managing Triage

  • The busiest times of the day for sending and receiving email

  • How effective your team is at anticipating client questions

  • And much more

You can apply filters to view data for specific colleagues, clients, date range, and more. Available filters include:

  • Teams/ Colleagues

  • Clients

  • Date Range

  • Contact Type

  • Contact Category

What is included in the free version of Email Insights?

You can trial full access to Email Insights for 14 days. After your trial expires, you will have limited access, providing each individual in your team with data only on their own email activity for the current month. No filters or team-wide data is available.

To gain access to this expanded functionality, you can choose to upgrade.

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