Using Karbon and QuickBooks Time together, you can track budgeted time and actual time spent for a given work item.

Tracking time

To set your budgets and budgeted time for a given work item, set the totals on the Details tab for the work. You can also set budgets on work templates as well.

To track actual time spent, setup and use the QuickBooks Time integration with Karbon.

How to review actual vs. budgeted time

Once both are tracked, you can in a particular work item (on the Time tab) review the Actual time spent (tracked in QuickBooks Time) with the Budgeted time allotted (as denoted on the Details tab of the work item).

Note: The actual vs. budget time total displayed on the work item are the totals for both. Display of the individual times per staff member are not displayed within Karbon for actuals, but are displayed for budgets on the Details tab of the work item.

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