Karbon's Right-For-Me training provides an option for you to choose your own path and work through articles and videos at your own pace, which are most relevant to your own role.

Click the links below to get access to key support articles for key areas of interest. If you aren't sure where to start, take a look at the chart above for recommended training by job role.

Workflow management (setup): Work types, workflow statuses, job roles, and work templates (for Admins only)

Reporting & insights: Work reports, insights, and custom reporting.

Productivity: Learn key productivity features with regards to Triage, keyboard shortcuts and batch actions.

Data management: Privacy, permissions and data import/export

Client collaboration: Learn more about Client tasks (Client task reminders, file upload and comments).

Contact management: Store key information in Accounting details and leverage information like contact types, client owner/manager, etc. to better manage your contacts. 

Team management: Teams, work filtering (assignee, status, type),  and staff to-dos

Capacity planning: Time, budgets, and pull production planning

Client acquisition: Sales management, Pricing/proposal software integration, and client onboarding

Keep in mind: Only Admins will be able to see the template within Settings, however anyone in the company can create a work item off of the Right-for-Me training template.

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