Practice Ignition turns your proposal, terms of service and payment collection into a single smart contract. When paired with Karbon, those smart contracts can automatically create work items in Karbon when your client accepts their proposal. 

The Karbon + Practice Ignition integration works by:

  • Services are defined within Practice Ignition.

  • Those services are mapped in Practice Ignition to Karbon templates.

  • The work assignee for all work items created from Practice Ignition is designated within the integration management console within Karbon.

  • When working with a prospect or existing client, you can send out proposals and receive signed contracts via Practice Ignition.

  • Once a client signs a proposal, the integration between Practice Ignition and Karbon will automatically create a work item/s off the templates that were mapped to the services in the proposal you sent that specific client.

  • In Karbon, the work items are auto-created and assigned based on the primary contact specified in the Practice Ignition management console. 

With this integration, you have a seamless way of transitioning clients from your sales team to your services delivery team.

Read the integration setup guide to get started or watch a quick 4 minute video on best practices in setting up the integration.

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