If you have set up an alias email address in your email client, we can update your account to allow you to choose what address a new email will be sent from. 

Karbon will need to know the details to set this up in your account.

Just drop us a note in Help & Feedback (Main Menu > Help & Feedback > Still can't find what you need?) to start a new conversation with an agent, and give us the following information:

  • Your email client (o365, gmail, etc.)
  • Alias email address
  • Primary email address you use for Karbon
  • The rules you've setup

We'll replicate the rules you've setup and alert you once we've made the update on our end and you'll be able to click the arrow next next to your default address, and select the email address you would like to use.

Whatever email address you select, your Karbon username will still appear as the sender on your recipient's end.

Note: this alias feature specifically relates to alias addresses setup in your email client. It does not allow addresses from two different accounts to be merged in a single Karbon login.

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