If you have set a work item to repeat on a recurring schedule, future work items will be created automatically containing some information from the previous work item in the schedule.  

Data that is carried across includes:

  • Tasks
  • Task descriptions
  • File uploaded to the task descriptions
  • Work item description

Data that is not carried across

  • Emails, notes and other items on the work timeline
  • Comments on tasks
  • Files uploaded to task comments
  • Documents uploaded directly to the work item

There are some important rules you should pay attention to, which may effect the items that are carried across.

  1. These items that are part of a scheduled piece of work will be created two weeks before the work’s planned start date, and will be copied directly from the piece of work scheduled to start immediately before it.
  2. Once this happens the items in the new piece of work will be ‘divorced’ from the piece of work they were copied from. This means it won’t be updated if any changes are made to these items in the piece of work that is scheduled earlier.
  3. The ‘divorce’ of the work item will happen sooner than two weeks before the piece of work’s planned start date if you manually change the work’s status to ‘In progress’, or if you click on the Task tab. If you do either of these actions, the work item's tasks and other items will be created.

If you'd like your current piece of work in a schedule to copy all data from the previous work item, you can use the reset tasks option.

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